Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Red Ant bites

Dale went to a funeral in Lousiana. (Bug World USA) He had gotten about 12 red ant bites on one foot and ankle and had been suffering his whole vacation. The afternoon he returned home
to his oils and Loveland he called to find out what oils might take the pain away. His whole foot was swollen, hot, red and very painful. The EDR suggested lavender, melrose, and peppermint. 25 minutes later he called me back on the phone, with an wonderful report. The Edema was gone, both feet were the same size, the puss had stopped ozzing out of the bites, and the pain was gone completely. He had been in pain and itching for two days and in 25 minutes the oils had fixed his foot and ankle.


Essential oils can naturally destroy weeds.
A study was done by the Appalachian Fruit Research
Station in West Virginia on the herbicidal effects of plant- derived oils (aka essential oils).
Twenty five oils were tested for their herbicidal effects on dandelion leaves. The most effective oils found were red thyme, summer savory, cinnamon and clove. These were found to be the most phytotoxic.
Cinnamon had the highest herbicidal activity. This was primarily because of eugenol, the main component in cinnamon.
Essential oils can be used directly on the weeds. Or they can be added to other natural products such as herbicidal soaps, to enhance their effects. These soaps work by penetrating the waxy coating on plant leaves and cause them to dry out.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Keep Rabbits Out of the garden

Many bug sprays use soap as a fixative to keep the poison on the leaf. Soap might give them loose stools if they ate at ton of leaves with the soap but itself will not hurt a rabbit.
The Home Spa Lady suggested Citrus and a soapy water mixture with Thieves Household
Cleaner 'Thieves' brings in many spices that might have an effect.
--Sprinkle that mixture over the area
--Make a spray of:
-distilled water
-orange oil and/or lemon oil
--Spray over the area

Rabbit proof garden

Is there an essential oil that I can put in my
garden to keep rabbits away from my pansies and other
flowers they like to eat - one that will not hurt the
rabbit or the flower?

Sunday, April 5, 2009


Cheryl works as an nurse at a nursing home. She is constantly around sick old people.
For about a year she has had a persistant cough that starts at 4pm, especailly on the days that she works. On the third day off she has just about gotten the cough to stop.
We started her on Raven. She loved the wonderful warm feeling on her chest and it stopped the cough within two minutes. Raven has eucalyptus radiata and raven sara in it. Well she called me and was out of her Raven and coughing her head off. I had RC on hand. I thought it would work just as good for her. It has Eucalyptus globulus, E radiata, spruce, citriodora and pine in it.
RC stands for respiratory control so we gave it a try. It made the cough worse and didn't help at all. What do you all think? Got any ideas why if did not work?