Friday, May 28, 2010


"About 7 months ago, I started experiencing pain all around my left
knee a few days after I went skiing. Since I'd never before
experienced chronic body pain, I assumed it would go away. After
about a month, it still hadn't passed, so I tried using PanAway. If
anything, the added "heat" from applying PanAway aggravated the knee.
So I stopped using any oils and would occasionally take an ibuprofen
after long walks or time on my feet. I became more conscious of how I
was using the knee and I avoided any positions or activities which I
thought might hurt it. Regardless, the pain persisted. After another
couple months, I went to see my primary physician, who told me I had
tendonitis, which had likely been aggravated by the skiing. I was
told not to do any stretching exercises (which meant discontinuing
daily yoga), but that I should start swimming and/or using a
recumbent bicycle, to "retrain" the ligaments and tendons into proper
alignment. She explained to me that otherwise, the ligaments and
tendons would build up compensatory scar tissue in a misaligned
fashion. Well, I didn't have a pool or a bike, and though I finally
bought a bike, I have yet to use it. Fast forward another few months.
A couple of days ago, I bought a bottle of Palo Santo, which is an
essential oil of a South American tree commonly known as "Holy Wood."
Within a few minutes after applying the oil, the constant pain I was
experiencing disappeared. I applied the oil one more time, the next
day, just for good measure. Four days later, I'm happy and amazed to
report that the pain hasn't reappeared. There's still sensitivity if
I stretch the knee at oblique angles, but all of the chronic pain is
gone. Wow! I always read testimonials with a degree of skepticism.
This was no "miracle cure for cancer" or the like, but I would
strongly recommend that folks with tendonitis give Palo Santo a try.
I'll report back in a week or two.--Robert

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

emergency heart and BP

Essential Oils and the Heart - Why I Always Carry Aroma Life!
The dramatic story below instantly made the essential oil blend called Aroma Life part of my emergency kit. Essential oils have been around since the beginning of time, and each succeeding generation finds additional ways of using them.

An emergency on a Boeing 777 between Honolulu and San Francisco
Over the speakers came an urgent request for a physician. Of the two doctors who responded, one had none of the tools of her trade with her. The other was armed with a stethoscope, a blood pressure cup, and two bottles of essential oils!
The passenger with the emergency was disoriented, babbling in a language the doctors didn't understand, and was trying to tear off his shirt. The second doctor diagnosed him as hyposic (lack of oxygen to the brain), and having high blood pressure because his heart was racing. This medical doctor pulled out a bottle of the Peace & Calming essential oil blend, told the passenger to breathe deeply, and his breathing slowed. Next, he sprinkled the Aroma Life blend to the man's chest and neck. The unprepared physician told the prepared physician not to do this, but he did anyway. Pretty soon, the man began to breathe more slowly and became increasingly calm.
By this time, the captain needed to know whether the flight should continue to San Francisco or return to Honolulu. Both medical doctors then confirmed that the passenger's blood pressure had returned to normal!
By the time the plane landed, the passenger with the emergency was composed and was speaking calmly in English.
How can this be?
Aroma Life was designed to lower blood pressure, reduce stress, and improve cardiovascular, lymphatic, and circulatory systems. Here's what is in it.
1. Helichrysum - essential oil reference works credit this oil with improving circulation, reducing blood viscosity, reducing plaque deposits from the veins and arteries, and more. Some sources also state that it assists in regulating cholesterol.
2. Ylang Ylang - is developing a history of being used to help balance heart function. Some health professionals also use it to treat tachycardia (rapid heart bear) and high blood pressure.
3. Marjoram - known for its ability to relieve muscle spasms. It is also said to calm nervous tension and to help regenerate smooth muscle tissue.
4. Cypress - is known for circulation above all else, but according to the Essential Oils Desk Reference, it also strengthens the vascular system, and reduces edema and water retention.
My experience
Whenever I feel any discomfort in my chest, I apply the Aroma Life blend, and the discomfort always goes away in minutes. My parents also use it, as do a number of people who know about this special blend.
How to Use Aroma Life
I love the aroma of this blend, so I really enjoy just inhaling it from the bottle or wearing it as a perfume. However, when I have a chest pain, I put a couple of drops on my finger and rub it where the chest pain is.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

thieves and dog teeth

I use Thieves mouthwash, diluted 50/50 with purified water. You just need a little bit. Soak up with cotton ball and rub over teeth, squeezing the mouthwash into their mouth.

sparkling dog teeth

I also use Thieves mouthwash. We have a 10 year old miniature schnauzer who was rescued from a puppy mill. Due to neglect and malnutrition, he lost over half of his teeth. We raw feed our dogs and while the raw bones keep the other dogs' teeth sparkling clean, the schnauzer doesn't have enough opposing teeth to really get the job done. A veterinary naturopath suggested Thieves mouthwash to keep his teeth clean and free of plaque so once per day I dip a Q-tip in the mouthwash and swab his teeth with it. He doesn't like it but lets me do it. His teeth are cleaner now than when we got him and I'm thinking he will be able to keep those he has left.

Thank God for Young Living!
Lynne Parker

dog gums and teeth

Hello Oilers,
I am looking for suggestions on which which oil could be used on a dogs gum and teeth. My friend has a dog that is old and is having problems with his gums. I don't know much about oils to use on animals, especially for inside the mouth area, so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Friday, May 7, 2010


Janice Trachtman submitted the following tip:

"I find rubbing a drop or two of Purification™ essential oil on my hands, cupping my hands over my face, and breathing deeply several times eases sneezing, coughing, watery eyes, and my runny nose from reactions to pollen in the spring."


"Yes my wife and I have had success with our son Matthew who has asthma. It only acts up when he gets a fever or cold and we usually have to take him to the Doctor or emergency room where he was in the hospital for 5 days last Easter. Well to make a this story short Matthew started running a fever a couple of weeks ago and sure enough his asthma was kicking in after a very hard and restless Friday night. In the morning we were ready to take him to the Doctor. I said let me try this lavender oil. As God as my judge within a matter of seconds applying the oil to his feet and on the top of his feet for the bronchial tubes his breathing smoothed out and the little fellow fell for a restful sleep. Ellen and I were in total amazement all we could do was look at one another and say unbelievable. We now put lavender on his feet every other day and all is well."