Thursday, September 3, 2009


I have a friend who does carpentry work and he was amazed at the tale of
how the Melrose oil helped Bill this week. Bill caught his hand with a
new wood bit and it chewed up especially one finger. I admit that he
scared me a bit when he told me he couldn't get the bleeding stopped! I
packed up at work and started heading home. He peroxided it good and
then put the Melrose on it and then triple antibiotic cream. He said in
just a few minutes, it stopped throbbing. He did have some throbbing
pain late that evening but just held it up above his head until it
stopped. When I got home, we unwrapped it so I could assess the damage
and the wounds were already closing! We redressed it and have done so
every day. Except for that one episode, he's had very little pain! It
is healing amazingly fast! Sue and Bill