Tuesday, October 12, 2010

migraine / Di-gize

This last Saturday I had a migraine headache they usually last for 3 days to the point I think I’m going to die. I’ve used enzymes, peppermint oil and host of other things and nothing has worked for me personally. This time after much prayer I began to notice that my stomach did not feel right. Then the idea kept coming to my mind to try Di-gize. After it came to mind over and over during the day I finally began to think maybe this is God speaking. So I put 6 drops of Di-gize in an empty capsule and took it, the migraine started going away within minutes and after a couple of hours was completely gone. The next day the idea kept coming to my mind to look in the Essential Oils Desk Reference under migraine headaches and see if Di-gize was listed. So I looked and Di-gize was NOT listed just as I had thought. BUT the very first sentence said, “The vast majority of migraine headaches may be due to colon congestion or poor digestion.” Did I never read that before and just go straight to the list of recommendations??? I don’t know how I missed that sentence but I know how bad migraines are and I want everyone that has them or knows someone who does to consider trying Di-gize. As a Young Living member a bottle of Di-gize is $32.00. If your stomach is what is causing you or someone you love to have a migraine this is a very low price to pay for relief and considering how many drops is in a bottle it is economical too. I truly, truly hope this e-mail helps a fellow suffer.

Jan Jordan

Peppermint - flu

Today we were just sitting on a park bench looking out at the Mediterranean Sea. A big Israeli family came to picnic. We noticed that their little boy was very very lethargic and wouldn't eat or drink or play. Eventually,the mom approached us and asked in Hebrew about the location of a pharmacy that is open today because her little boy was sick with a fever and a headache. We asked her to speak English if she could and so she carefully rephrased her question so that we could fully understand. We told her there were no stores open because it is The first day of the Biblical Celebration called the Feast of Tabernacles, but we told her we had natural medicine for her son if she would like to use it. I explained the lavender oil and what to do with it. She did what I said. Then |I gave her peppermint for his feet and she did that. In less than 5 minutes he was up and playing and full of energy and was happy. All of the family members thanked us over and over again and the grandpa was even blowing us kisses as they all drove away.
They gave us a bag of their wonderful fresh dates!!!!! What a treat.