Thursday, March 26, 2009

Helichrysum used for:

circulatory disorders, arteriosclerosis, atherosclerosis, blood clots, blood thinner,
hematoma (swelling or blood-filled tumors), bleeding, hypertension, congestive heart failure,
cardiac arrhythmias, phlebitis, Herpes virus, liver disorders, detoxifying and stimulating liver cell function, skin conditions (eczema, psoriasis, scar tissue, varicose veins),
sciatica, sinus infections, respiratory conditions, hearing loss.


Helichrysum is a truly amazing chelating agent, a major chelator of metallics, but also of chemicals. Because of this, and because it also stimulates liver cell function, becuase of this it is used in many liver cleanses.
Clinical research has shown that helichrysum and ledum work synergistically to break down and dissolve the fat cells in the liver, so that the chemicals that are in the fat cells can be released and transported out of the liver.


One of its most helpful properties, however, is helichrysum's ability to chelate chemicals and other toxins from the body. This makes it an excellent oil for the support of the heart.
So take it, to make a healthy non toxic heart. Josh


The actions of helichrysum oil are anti-coagulant (it will dissolve blood clots — ) I have made it an excellent substitute for the aspirin my Doctor ordered. It is anesthetic, anti-spasmodic, anti-viral, mucolytic (thins mucus and other body secretions containing mucin) and expectorant. It has also been studied for its ability to aid in the regeneration of tissues, and has been shown to reduce scar tissue and skin discolorations. Rita G.

Spa Lady Lemon veg. was

This is a video, from the Spa Lady on how to use lemon ess. oil to wash vegetables

Monday, March 23, 2009

bone spur

I had a bone spur the size of the end of my thumb on the bottom of my heel which hurt like the dickens. At night I could hardly wait to get off my foot because it hurt so bad but when I did, it hurt worse. During the night when I had to get up to go to the bathroom it took all
I could muster up, to hobble to the bathroom because I couldn't put any weight at all on the foot. I had tried R.C. because I had heard that it had dissolved other peoples bone spurs. But it didn't help mine. I was to the point where I was maybe considering about going to the doctor to see about getting surgery on the heel because I was tired of the pain all the time. Then one day there was a medical doctor on T.V. and he was talking about doing laser surgery on
bone spurs. So I was really interested in seeing what he had to say about it. The first thing he said was before they did surgery, they would give the patient cortisone shots and then see what happened. Da-a-a-a, What was the matter with me. Why hadn't I thought of that before? We have a natural cortisone like reaction with our tree oils so I applied Idaho Balsam Fir and R.C. together on my heel. The first night the pain was less and in three days the spur was gone and
that has been over eight years and I have not had any problems since. My husband was having the similar problem with his foot on the ball of the foot last spring and I applied Idaho Balsam Fir and R.C. to his foot and in a week his pain was gone and has not came back. What a relief not to have to resort to surgery and go through more pain and compromise the immune system when we have these wonderful oils to help us.
Nancy Sanderson


My girlfriend Mary lou had a car accident 4 weeks ago. when the air-bag hit her in the face, it burned her left cheek, all under and on her nose and upper lip, this was all blistered. I got to her the next day and started with Helichrysum on a cotton ball and just dabbed the blisters........within two hours the blisters were gone. We then followed up with Lavender and my trusty Aloe plant. One week later you can just see a faint (very faint) pinkish where the burn was deep. The hospital had said these were burns. Thankful for all of our blessings and oils are one .Now three weeks later you can't even tell.

Wauneta Strobel (Dolly)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Infected Wound

Wound Care:
Clean and debreid the wound on a daily basis. Use sterile 4x4 to clean the site. Do not let the scab form on wound. It needs to heal from the inside out.
Put 4 or 5 drops of lavender followed by four or five drops of Melrose, Thieves, and Frankincense. If it starts stinging dilute with V6 oil You can use V6 between the Melrose,Thieves, and Frankincense. If Frankincense stings this means there is infection present. Use animal scents ointment to seal and protect the wound. Place a non sick 4x4 over the wound site to prevent from drying out. Melrose is an antiseptic, repairs and regenerates new tissue
Thieves is antimicrobial Lavender heals and protects the skin Frankincense is immune stimulating and antibacterial Put Thieves on bottoms of feet. 5 drops of Thieves in 1 tsp of V6 and massage on thymus gland

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I got my kitten on Christmas eve a few years ago at age 5 months, along with her brother. She came to me with her name intact, it was Angel and it fit her to the T.

But we had an incident a couple of years ago where she developed a lethal allergy. I noticed she was scratching the fur off of her head, right above her eye brow and the side of her head under her ear, until she was bleeding. I went to a naturopathic vet who had me keep her in one of those large cone collars so she would stop scratching.

At first she was surprisingly good natured about the cone. She actually seemed to enjoy entertaining others by making us laugh with how silly she looked into it. She adored people and I was surprised she had managed to even turn these lemons into lemonade. It just this special cat's nature. But no matter how frequently I went to the vet and tried every salve, cream, holistic injections, infusions..nothing was working. Nothing.And I was getting nickel and dimed to death.

Angel was getting miserable and was getting worse.The moment I would take the collar off, she was scratching as hard as she could, non stop. She would scratch til she bled and I was forced to put the collar back on. After almost 4 weeks it was clear she was at the end of her rope (and I was getting close to mine ) Angel had given up. She was suddenly losing weight rapidly, she acted very depressed because of the cone making her life one where she couldn't play and interact with her brother, she couldn't do anything but lay there, it was quite hindering and I could tell, Angel was truly beginning to die.

She was clearly losing hope, this beautiful long haired calico who had brought hope to so many with her extremely loving and playful energy and personality. I called a specialist who wanted me to start giving her injections for the rest of her life, about every 6 weeks. At hundreds of dollars a shot, each time. Plus keep in mind, the holistic vet had told me she would have the allergies for the rest of her life, he told me that many times.

My instincts had been screaming at me to use the essential oils. It was one of those times I had momentarily taken off her cone collar and truthfully, I was as desperate as she was, it must been misery to itch so violently and have this cone on your head that won't even let you scratch it. As pet owners yourself, you know it is misery for you to watch your beloved fur children and companions suffer.

I grabbed for a bottle of what I thought was lavender, that was my first instinct, to put on her and put it on a q-tip and dabbed the spot on her scalp that was rubbed hairless and bleeding again. To my shock and amazement..........she slowed down her scratching and then within about 30 seconds simply .........stopped scratching. It was the FIRST time in 4 weeks.

Needless to say, it wasn't lavender I had grabbed but it was Valour! And it was the right oil. I dotted just a little bit on q-tip and dabbed it on the spot on her head and under her ear. She would lick then rub the furry side of her paw to her head to clean it off the oil, thus ingesting it internally as well.

Within 2 days I was able to start letting her out of her cone collar for a few hours at at time several times a day, and within a week could leave it off overnight and within 2 weeks I just just dabbing it on as maintenance once every other day. She was out of her collar full time by that time.

All of her hair grew back, she put her weight back on, she was bubbly again and to this day, she has never had another allergy. since. The holistic vet had made a mantra out of telling me she would have this til the end of her life. I know Angel would have died without the this intervention and it would have been an uncomfortable drawn out death. And there was no way I could afford the ultra ultra expensive injections and smathering of blood tests every 6 weeks.

My Angel got her own miracle thanks to the essential oils!

Kathi McKnight

Sunday, March 1, 2009


Hi Marion,I understand your panic state. You don't want anything happening to yourdaughter's Christmas gift. It is most likely his stomach trying to adjust to the change of food along with him being sick or he may have some worms,it's hard to tell without examining the kitten first. So I have to try the good old hit-n-miss technique and go from your responses after that. How long have you had the kitten and what are you feeding him? I would also like to know your kitty's name because I like referring to animals by their name. More personal, I feel.Cats often vomit 2 things, bile and hairballs mixed with food. It canreally be frustrating for people and I see this a great deal. Di-tone(Di-gize) is the best thing for the precious baby. I would suggest, also,tipping his ears with a mixture of purification oil and V6 oil. This will take care of the ear problem over time. You can also take a Qtip and gentlyclean out his ears and I usually will then follow it up with a Qtip with adiluted purification mix (1 drop purification to 5 drops of V6 or othercarrier oil) and swipe the inside of the ear. Be sure not to drop the oil directly in the ears, but apply it with a Qtip instead. That will kill the mites or the infection and you should see progress in a few days. Do this 2times a day. Now for the Di-gize; dilute 1 drop of Di-gize to 5 drops of V6and apply this to his anus and genital area that way when he licks himself he will get the benefits of the oil internally. This will eliminate the vomiting and also deworm him at the same time. Di-gize is wonderful for stomach problems as well as the digestive tract, urinary tract, and the intestinal tract.Give this a try and see what happens. My cats get Di-gize mixed in their food daily as well as BYJ or NRJ whichever I have on hand at the time. I really hopes this helps and if you have any questions, comments or concerns feel free to email me. I am leaving the house right now, but will be backin a few hours. Please keep me posted. Thank you.
Leigh Foster"
Many Blessings, Rev. Leigh Ann Foster, VT, CVA, Certified Animal Behavior Specialist,Independent Young Living Oils Distributor # 778381, Professional AnimalRescue and Rehabilitator, Holistic Animal Care Specialist and Educator - my chat group on yahoo.


Cats metabolize things very differently from dogs and other animals. Certain oils are potentially toxic to cats and could result in injury or even death, if applied incorrectly. for example, cats generally have adverse reactions to citrus products, and citrus oils are sometimes used to deter cats from frequenting an area. Also, cats are very sensitive to strong odors. A safe alternative, when in doubt, would be to mist them lightly with floral water. Consulting with a veterinarian is a good policy before applying oils to cats for the first time. General Guidelines:
For small animals: (cats and small dogs) Apply 3-5 drops DILUTED
(80-90%) oil mixture per application.
Di-Gize would really help his digestion, vomiting and parasite if any. Use Di-Gize in strong dilution, or just let him smell it. I have used Geranium for ear mites. You can feel little bumps all over the ear if they are there. Its the mites and eggs. Dilute and add one drop of
geranium then rub it on your fingers and massage over the ear making
sure of not getting it inside the eardrum.

The wolfberries would be good for her in her food.


Marion, Here is some info that you need to be aware of. Never give oils to cats internally
Cats are very sensitive and you need to use oils with caution. If oils are used internally the kitten
will foam and froth at the mouth and do flip flops and bury its nose in the ground like a dog
does when sprayed by a skunk.

My daughter thought that giving our cat Di-Gize 1 drop in the mouth for parasites that it would
be good for the cat. Well that is what happened. She was crying and calling me to come and
save the cat. I thought she was going to die when I saw the cat. Poor thing. Diluting the oil
and putting it on the kitten is okay so when and if they lick it off they are not getting it straight.


Good morning all;I need some help please, if you can spare a moment. My daughter's Christmaskitten is sick. He won't eat, his ears are out sideways (they've done thata lot - I thought at first it was ear mites - maybe there are two issueshere) and he's been vomiting on and off. After he vomited the first night,Monday, I used Di-tone on his pads and I don't think he threw-up again thatday. Yesterday I got him to eat a bit of canned food and he seemed spunkierso I thought he was on the mend. I used on drop of Frank. on him before Iwent to bed for good measure. Last night he was vomiting again (just foamystuff) and now he won't eat again and he looks miserable. My thought was initially that he had eaten something that didn't agree withhim, or that perhaps he had an obstruction in his bowels. If either ofthose things are the case what oils should I use? Or does this sound like acommon kitten problem, or some feline disease, or what.....HELP! I feel this is a bit urgent and if your suggestions today don't workimmediately I will take him to the vet tonight.Thank you for your time everybody.MarionKinmount, ON