Tuesday, August 25, 2009

nasty rash on face and ear

I'm very new to the oils but the results I'm getting with them are nothing short of amazing! A week ago I suddenly developed a nasty rash on my face that was hot, dry and very itchy but very sensitive as well. My right ear was leaking serum from where it joins my head and both ears were inflamed, red and scaly. I was a mess. None of the creams or oils worked for very long. I put lavender, dry skin beauty serum both straight and mixed in with my moisturizer, V6 etc on it which would help relieve the itch for a while but it would flare up again within a few hours. I didn't know if they were helping, or helping to make it worse as it deteriorated over the week. By this stage my skin was inflamed, thickened, red, itchy and the skin was flaking. It definitely looked like badly cared for leather. Not a good look for someone trying to promote the oils by example! The thing is I couldn't figure out what had triggered this in the first place, nor thereafter. Although I have my suspicions it may have been a 'clean out' from the 5 day cleanse I did. I'm thinking that my body was well enough to be able to throw off toxins through my skin but did it have to be my face and neck? I don't normally get eczema so this whole experience was very unusual for me. I figure the hot, dry and windy weather we've had this week hasn't helped, either! I was lucky enough to get Rose oil recently and today I finally searched the site to see what uses it has. I saw one testimonial where it had been used for a skin disorder so I thought 'Why not', ONE DROP of rose oil was enough to spread over my face, ears and neck. Within SECONDS the itch had stopped, the skin no longer looked leathery and the peeling skin disappeared! Encouraged - well, ecstatic, really - I put some beauty serum for dry skin on as well. It's now a couple of hours later and no more itch, redness, inflammation or peeling! My skin no longer looks like elephant skin. Someone else on this site described rose oil as better than gold and I fully agree! Michelle Plen

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


I had problems with ants coming into the house. My little grandaughter was not quite two at the time, and she would crawl
around on her hands and knees, trying to pick the ants up to eat them. So I took the peppermint and dumped peppermint across the door jamb, and as I was doing this, an ant came up the steps to come into the house. When he smelled the peppermint, he reared up on his hind legs with his antennas twirling around, and then turned and went back the way he came.

horse hoof hurt

Several years back we had a stallion that had somehow cut the his front leg pretty deep, just above the hoof. When we first saw that he was hurt, he was almost packing his foot as he walked, it hurt him that bad. We caught him to find out what was going on, and his foot was all infected and swollen. All I had at that time was Othro Sport in the barn, so I saturated it and left him in the corral for the night. The next morning with more oils and the AnimalScent Ointment to take care of him, we headed for the barn. When we got there, we were shocked to see that he was walking around the corral without a limp. Not believing what we were seeing, we couldn't wait to check his foot out. The swelling was gone, and so was the infection, just overnight, from using Othro Sport. I would not have believed it if I had not seen it with my own eyes that Othro Sport could take care of that problem with just one application overnight. So you can see how important it is to use Othro Sport for anything..
Nancy Sanderson

Horse leg laceration

We have a colt that got into a wire fence, and cut her hind leg down to the bone and tendon, and ripped all the flesh and hide off the leg from fighting to get out of the fence, which she did, causing all that damage.

We put Peace & Calming on her, to calm her when we caught her, so we could doctor her and see how bad it was. I have never seen a colt that had not had a halter on before that didn't fight after we caught her.
Peace & Calming did a great job. We laid her down, and she just laid there and let us work on her without even a struggle in trying to get up. Our neighbor who is a rancher, and has worked with animals all his life, said we should put her down as she would never grow the flesh or skin back, let alone any hair, and would always be lame.. My daughter called the vet, and she said the same thing. Even my husband thought so, too, that there wasn't any chance in saving her leg without her being lame and in pain all the time..

I said no, let's give her a chance, because we had another horse that fallen through a cattle guard and had lost all the hide and meat down to the shin bone off, and that all healed back. You can not see where it had happened now.

So we set out cleaning it up by washing it out with the Thieves Cleaner because it was really dirty. ( A cap full in a gallon of water). Then we use applied Ortho Sport all over the area, inside and out. (Ortho Sport has great antibacterial, and anti-viral properties). It helps to combat the damaging effect that had been done. Thieves around the outside of the wound, Melrose inside the wound. Then the AnimalScent Ointment on top of the wound and wrapped the leg. It had cut about a good 5" to 6" long strip off the back of her leg. Again the neighbor and vet thought that she would be lame the rest of her life (IF SHE EVER HEALED). They said that with the tendon exposed it would dry up and shrink causing her to be lame.

Well, to make a long story short, she recovered, and all hair has grown back except right at the top, which is hard to see where the scar begins. The neighbor was so surprised that the flesh grew back over the tendon, and new skin, along with the hair. It took a long time, but we never gave up using the oils and Othro Sport and AnimalScent Ointment. With every bandage change you could see it healing, which saved her life.

Here are the pictures. I did not get pictures taken when it first happened because I did not have my camera, but later when the flesh had filled in and covered the bone and the tendon. However, it shows how bad the wound was.

Peace and Calming

Testimony using Peace and Calming to bring a groundhog out of shock:
We just had an experience yesterday with a groundhog in the backyard. We have a lab/border collie; her name is Sweetie. She's medium size, just over one year old, and we also have a little terrier in the backyard, a dog we "babysit" for a friend. She is 10 years old, so not so active. But they caught a groundhog in the yard and they were both after it. We ran out to see what the commotion was, and as we got out there, the groundhog was stuck between them not moving, but defending itself. Sweetie looked around saw us, and then probably wanting to show off to us (she's only ever come in contact with a little bird that she attacked once but nothing this big!) so she pounced on it, grabbed it by it's back and shook it like a rag doll and then dropped it again a few feet away, but standing over it.
My son, Reuben, who is 7, was worried about the groundhog and wasn't about to stand by while she killed it, and wanted to get Sweetie off of it. We distracted Sweetie, got her inside, and the little terrier ran off immediately. Reuben went closer to take a look at the groundhog to see the damage. It was lying there on its back, breathing and obviously in shock. There were no signs of blood, but we couldn't tell if there was any internal damage to the animal, or if it was just in shock.
I got Reuben to run inside to get the Peace and Calming, because it's heart was right there in front of us, with a racing beat. I dropped 2 drops (tried to do one but 2 came out!) directly on it's heart, and talked to the animal, and told it we only wanted to help, and everything was going to be okay. At first it couldn't move its head. My other son had come out and was standing one side of it, and Reuben and I were standing the other side. It suddenly turned its head and looked at Sam, then turned it's head to look at us. You could visibly see within 1 minute it had calmed down, come out of shock, and that's when it looked at us all.

Then I told Reuben to run inside and grab the camera. He was only gone 30 seconds. By that time the groundhog had flipped over onto it's feet, but was still standing there. Just as I took a pic of the groundhog sitting there, it ran off down the side of the fence, found an opening and out it went! It was fine, it had just been in shock and couldn't move.
The kids were happy that they had helped the animal, and helped it recover enough to go on its way, and saved it from being killed. It was a very intense few minutes. The groundhog recovered almost immediately, thanks to Peace and Calming. Karyn Fisher

Friday, August 14, 2009

Rotator cuff

I had a problem with my rotator cuff 13 years ago. The oils helped some but I was discouraged. One day I cornered Gary Young and asked him what I could do. He said, "there are products to help you and your challenge is to study and figure it out.''I took him at his word and started to study and experiment with other products that I had not used. Back then we did not have much to 'really' study, so we experimented.I found what helped me:I rubbed Valor over my shoulder.....followed by Clove. I did this several times a day. I added Sulfurzyme and used it faithfully everyday. 3 teaspoons spaced through out the day. Today I have no pain, and I can raise my arm with no distress or discomfort. In fact, I attribute Sulfurzyme a 'Magic Bullet' product for joint pain. Today I have added BLM, too.My suggestion is for all of us to keep experimenting and trying new products. Remember our body chemistries are all different.Respectfully,Shauna Dastrup


My blood pressure went very high a few day ago. I had an inspiration to put in a capsule 3 drops of Goldenrod and 2 drops of Helichrysum. I retook my blood pressure in 30 minutes and it dropped to 140/84 from 184/110 and it stayed down.

Elaine Jay Finster, Golden CO


My husband was bitten by a wasp on this hand. We immediately put on Purification oil and lavender oil. It began to hurt again in about 5 minutes. We did the same the second time and this time the pain was gone and never came back. He said he could not even see the puncture wound. Jan

blood clot

My name is Mr. Davell Lloyd. I am a pastor of a small flock in Sharon, TN. Since I've been a pastor I've been encouraged to be an example spiritually and health wise. I encourage the congregation to daily get out and do some physical exercise.

One day my barber and I chose to play racquetball. As I was going for the ball I twisted my right ankle, and simultaneously I pulled my left calf muscle. The pain was so excruciating that I just laid there. Eventually I gathered enough strength to get up. I'm a strong person so I didn't worry much about it. I figured it would be okay after a while. After a period of a few days my legs didn't get better, especially my left leg and due to increasing pain and a lack of healing I decided to get them checked out.

I visited various specialty clinics and they ran tests on my bones, ligaments, and muscles. A physical therapist informed me that I shouldn't put a lot of stress on my left leg, and if I did, it could possibly form blood clots. He recommended using a wheelchair for a while to help ease the strain in my leg. As a result of this counsel a wheelchair became my strength.

It seemingly started to get better. I progressed from the wheelchair to crutches, and next I began to use the cane. I was so excited about the progress my leg began to make. I drove the entire way on a (4) four-hour trip to Alabama with my wife...without stretching my leg. This strain caused the situation to take an unexpected turn. The next day a pain struck me in my left leg so severe, that I couldn't begin to explain it.

My wife took me to the hospital to get an ultra sound, and that's when my fears became a reality. They found blood clots in my left calf muscle, and a knot behind my knee. My whole foot was twisted, and I couldn't walk on it or comfortably sit it on the ground. The doctor wanted to prescribe Warfarin (Coumadin). I researched this prescription drug, and to my surprise it was also used in rat poisoning.

For the past six years I have been an advocate of natural healing, herbs, and prayer. After hearing the horror stories from the doctor I didn't really know what to do. The stories were terrifying, and they were somewhat of a mental torment. This situation reminded me of a close relative in Chicago, IL, who was suffering with severe blood clots. It was so bad she had to have stents put in for her blood to filter through wherever there was a low blood supply.

I was frightened by what could happen to me. I received so much pressure from my family and the doctors. As a pastor, I wanted to be an encouraging example of divine healing. I wanted the powerful testimony of God healing me. This triggered my enthusiasm in seeking God for a divine answer for my healing. With the help of God, I made the decision to take the natural route instead of using the deadly prescription drug that the doctor recommended.

A young lady in my congregation asked me a question that was unknowingly the beginnings to greater health. She asked, " Have you ever heard of essential oils?" I told her that I'd heard of them, and at that time one of my children had a condition in his body. He would break out with parasites on his stomach. He even stated once that he could feel them. I ordered supplements, one called PARAFREE for the removal of parasites and another one called DI-GIZE. After my son started taking these supplements, amazingly the parasites went away.

I found out she was a Young Living distributor. She handed me packets containing information about the oils and other supplements that the company had to offer. She suggested I consider using these essential oils. While fervently praying and looking for a divine answer, God led me to a scripture that stated " if thou criest after knowledge and liftest up thy voice for understanding; if thou seekest her as silver, and searchest for her as for hidden treasures; then shalt thou understand the fear of the Lord, and find the knowledge of God."
(Proverbs 2:3-5)

It wasn't long after I read these verses that I began reading the Young Living packets. I was really impressed with what I read about the NINGXIA RED JUICE, and I soon ordered my own portion of it through this young lady. When the juice was delivered to my home I received a compact disc (CD) with it. When I began to listen to this CD the testimony of Dr. Gary Young immediately drew my ears to a familiar sound. I could empathize with the descriptions he gave of suffering from blood clots and pains in his leg.

I was so shocked that I began to cry and thank God for showing me a way of escape! I ordered the same oils Dr. Young used. These oils were HELICHRYSUM and CISTUS. When I received them I began to apply them 6-7 times daily to my leg and I also put them in capsules and took them 2-3 times daily and started exercising my leg slowly to regain strength.

It has been six months since this horrifying incident took place. Now both of my feet are comfortable and steady as I walk without the pain. Not only am I out of the wheel chair, but I have put down my crutches and my cane for good. I started lifting weights with my left leg to revitalize the depleted calf muscle. I initially began lifting 50 lbs., but I have increased my lifting to 375 lbs. I am also amazingly running 2-3 miles daily.

The thing that is the most amazing to me is what happened when I called my upline to tell her how Dr. Young's testimony of recovering from his injury inspired me. She mistakenly thought I was referring to one of the other life threatening injuries he's had. I said, "No, the injury dealing with his blood clots, the one described on the CD I receive upon my order of NingXa Red juice". She asked me in a puzzled manner, " how did you get that CD when you haven't signed up for the business yet? " She explained to me that this was a training CD for inspiring Young Living distributors.

I don't believe in coincidence. I know that God and his mighty powers ordered it up so I could receive that CD. The Lord gave wisdom to someone so I could find out about the power of pure therapeutic grade essential oils. I just want to thank Dr. Young and Young Living for being a part of my life, and especially a part of my recovery. Thank You!
~Davell Lloyd~