Sunday, November 30, 2008


What is the difference between pharmaceuticals and essential oils?


edu-caterer said...

Pharmacuticals block receptor sites an example are antihistamines. They lie to the cell - Bp pills and they confuse cellular communication in Demerol. They don't heal. Ess. Oils clean receptor sites, delete and correct bad DNA, increase oxygen, and balance hormones.
Antibiotics are like robots they kill good and bad bacteria leaving the immune system weakened. Ess oils are smart medicine killing only the bad bacteria building the immune sysstem

rocky said...

what are pharmacuticals?

edu-caterer said...

drugs that are made in a lab
Essential oils are made in nature
Helichrysum comes from the Asteraceae daisy flower. Hundreds of pounds are steam distilled and several ounces of oil are produced.
All natural nothing sythetic.