Friday, November 20, 2009

toe nail fungus

I use Melrose to ward off infection
and speed the healing of small cuts on my fingers from my work as a hairstylist.
At that same time, I began to use Melrose, Lemongrass, or Melaleuca Alternafolia
(depending on whatever I decided for the day) to see if I could get rid of a fairly
advanced fungal infection under 4 toenails which had developed about 10 years
earlier while hiking in Nepal for three weeks in damp boots. When I started using
the oils, about 2/3 of each nail on the large toes had disattached from the nail bed.
They were only slightly itchy and uncomfortable but I was concerned about loosing t
he nails altogether. The good news is that the fungus apparently stopped in it's tracks because the itchy,
discomfort stopped within the first few applications and the nails were all normally
attached with no signs of fungus in about the same amount of time it takes a nail to
replace itself under normal circumstances. I have had no re-occurances since that time. The other REALLY good news is that so many clients at our hair salon, as well as
other friends and acquaintances, were interested in our oils and other YL products that
in just a few short years, one of the salon owners and I were able to 'close up shop'
because our Young Living businesses had grown enough to replace that income!
None of this would have been true except that our Young Living products and business
plan work!

Jan Meredith


doTERRA Essential Oils said...

We used YL for a while too until we found doTERRA. Dr.Hill has really helped us out alot. Please check us out, we'll help you with the business if you're interested.

Healthy nails said...

Hi Jan, Toenail fungus is really frustrating and upsetting. We tend to ignore it but it will not help anyway. We should try to cure it early to avoid further complications.