Friday, May 8, 2009

oregano flu

From time to time I take my Nansee to an ND Scientist whospecializes in viruses, bacteria, parasites & of course cancer. It'sa long story but mainly we go to have her blood checked. The doctorknows I am with Young Living Essential Oils. so when I called to makean appointment he asked if I had an unopened bottle of Oregano and ifso please bring with, I would like to test it.I have never presented Young Living to him as my main objective. Iwas there for care for Nansee. In due time & the right time of courseI will.When we walked in there was a lady leaving who had Influenza. Thedoctor checked Nansee's blood under the scope and then asked if Ibrought the Oregano. I handed the bottle to him & he said I want totell you something about Gary Young but first I need to get somethingto test this with from the other room. When he came back he startedto talk about the test procedure. I reminded him he was going to tellme something about Gary. Yes Indeed he was.Your Gary Young is a genius when it comes to essential oils and isconsidered a genius in the scientific community. He has without adoubt the best farms in the U.S. and second to none in the world.Guess who's gloating hearing all of this? Next he said, aside fromthat he also has built the best distillers in the world. All of hisstudies of the oils around the world has sure paid off and of coursethe contribution of his formulations and writings has put him on topof a select group.While he was talking he opened the Oregano and said. " You wereright Maurice, this is good stuff, no need to test it as the smell ofcarvatrol in the oil is perfect as is the color." Trust me folksI had no idea this man new so much about essential oils.Next, Would you like to see what your Oregano will do to Influenza.I have it on a slide from the lady who just left. Look in thetelescope first to see what it looks like. It was a black spiderymass surrounded by blood. Now her sample is between two slides and wewill apply the Oregano to the edge. If it is as good as I say, itwill suck the black mass to it and you will see the mass turn white.This means of course that it is destroyed. He applied the oil to theedge and said look now into the scope and tell me what is happening.I was amazed. The oregano was pulling the black mass toward it andthe mass was turning white. Elaine

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