Monday, April 12, 2010

barefoot in the park

I was walking barefoot in my back yard and stepped on a palm frond. The spike from the frond, went into the side of my foot penetrating over an inch in and breaking off. The spike was completely embedded in the side of my foot. Since I could not pull the frond out, my first thoughts were, I will have to go to the emergency room, sit for hours, pay a lot of money, have someone cut the frond out, stand a chance of having an infection because of the open wound or have muscle, nerve and tissue damage due to the cutting.

The trip to the emergency room was only a fleeting thought. My next thought was "What would Gary Young do?" I remembered hearing Gary say that Thieves would actually draw out splinters. I doused the area with Thieves and Purification and within a few minutes the swelling around the area went down and the end of the spike began to protrude from the wound. I was able to remove it with a pair of tweezers. Immediately, it began to bleed profusely. After the bleeding cleaned the wound, I poured Helichrysum directly onto the wound and the bleeding stopped right away.

At this point the initial emergency was over, but the pain was so severe that I could not walk on my foot. I then called my mom, who along with my dad are Silvers in Young Living. True to form, the first words out of my mom's mouth after hearing my story was, " Are you taking pictures? This will make a great testimony!" My response was "NO!". Of course, she then reminded me to check the Essential Oils Desk Reference (EODR) for oils and supplements that would address pain, nerve damage, and muscle damage. Now looking back, I really should have taken pictures. The change between day 1 and day 3 was really amazing!

In addition to being very glad that I had an EODR to use for reference, I was extremely grateful that I had followed Debra Raybern's advice at a recent seminar and purchased the Aroma Complete kit. Instead of going down the list that the EODR suggested saying, "No, I don't have that. No, I don't have that.". I was able to pull out the oils that I needed immediately and didn't have to get on the telephone to see if someone else had the oils or order the oils and have them shipped overnight. I can't impress on you enough that you need to have your emergency kit available at all times!

I used many oils such as Cypress, Idaho Balsam Fir, and Lemongrass to help with the swelling and inflammation. I used PanAway, Clove and Relieve It to help with the pain. I also took NingXia Red and Inner Defense to help with inflammation and make sure no infection developed. I took BLM and Sufurzyme to aid in the healing.

I had to stay off my foot the rest of the day. The next day, I stayed at home from work and kept my foot elevated. By the second day, I was able to go to work on crutches. Even though my foot was extremely sensitive for the next few days, I was able to go on with my normal activities. The wound healed with no infection and virtually no scar. I did not have to take a tetanus shot, antibiotics or spend hundreds of dollars going to a medical facility. I also only missed one day at the office. I was so grateful that I had the EODR, Gary Young's teachings and the Young Living products when I needed them. Thank you Gary Young and Young Living Essential Oils!

Bill Robinett

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