Wednesday, April 14, 2010

jelly fish sting

I believe you will enjoy and benefit from the following testimonial. I have had MANY MANY situations with friends and family, where YL Essential Oils have helped us through a medical crisis. Scorpion stings,( pain gone, NO swelling after using Purification) cuts, burns, sports injuries , headaches, bruises, recuperating from surgeries ( with minimal scarring, no infection, faster recovery) , accidents and more.
On a beach in Hawaii, I was able to offer essential oils to a parent consoling a very young child who had just been stung by a jelly fish. He stopped crying right after inhaling the oils ( Trauma Life, Lavender, Purification is what I had on hand), his father put the oils on the wound, the pain subsided and the redness and swelling went down, until they were able to get him to a medical facility. I had just heard from a local person that morning that local jelly fish stings could be very serious and even cause death in certain individuals. From many years of study about the oils, reading about them and hearing how the oils worked for others, I knew what to do. Many folks are able to avoid a potential tragedy just using the oil they have in their pockets. It helps to be well read, but if you are just beginning, trust your intuition, if you offer assistance.
When my son, Christopher, was younger and fell on a sprinkler head ( severing most of his ear) I was able to stop the profuse bleeding IMMEDIATELY with Trauma Life oil, which avoided him going in to shock, and stabilized BOTH of us as I drove to the emergency care. The medical people were astounded that he was so calm, not in pain, not bleeding, and told me he MUST have had ' professional treatment' before he got there. After the surgery to re-attach his ear, they predicted a very high possibility of infection and swelling, in addition to scarring. I used various oils on him , post surgery. NONE of these predictions came true.
I mentioned this story in a documentary several years ago (" Ancient Secrets of Life") and a person who watched it , told me her mind quickly flashed to that advice after a large HORSE FELL ON HER ! Cherie Ross says that her immediate recall of my story, as well as the person running to grab the Trauma Life, possibly saved her life. She was able to stay alert and calm until help arrived.
Hoping you never have to go thru trauma such as the above, but I recommend YOU DO carry YL essential oils with you, you never know when YOU might be in the right place at the right time to help someone out.

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