Friday, May 28, 2010


"About 7 months ago, I started experiencing pain all around my left
knee a few days after I went skiing. Since I'd never before
experienced chronic body pain, I assumed it would go away. After
about a month, it still hadn't passed, so I tried using PanAway. If
anything, the added "heat" from applying PanAway aggravated the knee.
So I stopped using any oils and would occasionally take an ibuprofen
after long walks or time on my feet. I became more conscious of how I
was using the knee and I avoided any positions or activities which I
thought might hurt it. Regardless, the pain persisted. After another
couple months, I went to see my primary physician, who told me I had
tendonitis, which had likely been aggravated by the skiing. I was
told not to do any stretching exercises (which meant discontinuing
daily yoga), but that I should start swimming and/or using a
recumbent bicycle, to "retrain" the ligaments and tendons into proper
alignment. She explained to me that otherwise, the ligaments and
tendons would build up compensatory scar tissue in a misaligned
fashion. Well, I didn't have a pool or a bike, and though I finally
bought a bike, I have yet to use it. Fast forward another few months.
A couple of days ago, I bought a bottle of Palo Santo, which is an
essential oil of a South American tree commonly known as "Holy Wood."
Within a few minutes after applying the oil, the constant pain I was
experiencing disappeared. I applied the oil one more time, the next
day, just for good measure. Four days later, I'm happy and amazed to
report that the pain hasn't reappeared. There's still sensitivity if
I stretch the knee at oblique angles, but all of the chronic pain is
gone. Wow! I always read testimonials with a degree of skepticism.
This was no "miracle cure for cancer" or the like, but I would
strongly recommend that folks with tendonitis give Palo Santo a try.
I'll report back in a week or two.--Robert

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