Wednesday, July 21, 2010

for infected big wound

Wound Care:

Clean and debride the wound on a daily basis. Use sterile 4x4 to clean the site. Do not let the scab form on wound. It needs to heal from the inside out.

Put 4 or 5 drops of lavender followed by four or five drops of Melrose, Thieves, and Frankincese.

If it starts stinging dilute with V6. You can use V6 between the melrose,Thieves, and Frankincense.

If Frankincense stings this means there is infection present.

Use animal scents ointment to seal and protect the wound. Place a non sick 4x4 over the wound site to prevent from drying out.

Melrose is an antiseptic, repairs and regenerates new tissue

Thieves is antimicrobial

Lavender heals and protects the skin

Frankincense is immune stimulating and anitbacterial

Put thieves on bottons of feet. 5 drops of thieves in 1 tsp of v6 and massage on thymus gland 2-3 times a day

Apply immune stimulating blend on throat and chest.

Immune blend

10 drops of lemon

8 drops of oregano

5 drops of mountain savory

This is to combat the infection

4oz of ningxia red, once a day, 4 inner defense a day, take with food and water. If upset stomach occurs drink 2oz of kefir before taking

3 longevity capsules a day. Do this for two weeks. Next to weeks, 1 oz of juice, 2 inner defense a day and 3 longevity caps. Then evaluate.

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