Sunday, February 1, 2009

Home Spa lady -- travel

-Take footies to wear while in hotel room instead of being barefoot.
-Use one of the glasses in the bathroom to put your toothbrush in vertically, whether it has a cover or not. If it is not covered put the toothbrush handle inside of the glass and put the brush part at the top where it is not touching any surfaces.
-Take your own soap and carry it in a plastic soap tray. This is how I use my essential oils: (and they are absolutely essential - I would never travel without them for many reasons, one is that they naturally kill unwanted bacteria, virus, and fungus):
--Sprinkle several drops on the carpet throughout the room (if I'm barefoot) {I like Purification}
--Spray my favorite essential oil spray {Thieves spray bottle I carry in my purse} on the remote control and the earpiece and mouthpiece of the phone
--Sprinkle several drops of a good anti-microbial oil {Purification or Thieves} on a washcloth and stuff it into the vents of the a/c/heater {I love Purification mixed with orange for this}. Turn on the fan and run it so the oil diffuses throughout the room.
--If you must use the drawers, spray or drip a few drops of oil in the drawer or on a tissue and then put it in the drawer next to your clothes (lavender is good for this).
--Place a few drops of lemon (I always have lemon with me) on the bathroom counter and wipe it down
--Place a few drops of oil on the bed where you will sit (lavender) and put a few drops on a tissue and tuck under your pillow.

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