Friday, February 6, 2009

poison ivy

I have my oils shipped to my office so I get them as soon as they hit town and I open them as soon as I get them, occasionally people on the other side of the office yell at me what the **** did you open now. ( I had to promise not to open valerian in the office ever again) well you know how the oils affect toxic people, and we have some really toxic people here.
Any way I get heckled daily about being a witch doctor. But who do they come to with problems. I found out yesterday that one of the girls was going through my desk on Friday (while I was a C.A.R.E.) looking for my lavender oil she had a sun burn!!!
Then this week my best heckler, the girl who sits next to me and smells every thing I do, came to me. She ask what do you have for poison ivy? I did not have my reference=2 0book with me so I pulled out my favorite trusty fix everything oil THIEVES, and gave her a few drops. after I had her wash off the Windex she had been putting on it ( she says it dries it up) but it was not drying it at all. I told her it would only dry it up because it had alcohol in it and that Windex is not a good choice. Well guess what, the poison Ivy just started shriveling away she was really pleased. Every one should have a bottle of Lavender and a bottle of Thieves, if they can afford nothing else. Bev Scalf

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