Sunday, February 22, 2009


I have found that this removes the white lines in my nails. It is great for the skin around mail nails.
Nail Ointment
1 jar Rose Ointment
10 drops V6 oil
4 drops geranium oil
4 drops Palo Santo
4 drops Citrus Fresh
4 drops myrrh
Scoop out Rose ointment into a stainless steel double boiler. Warm the ointment until it melts. Remove from heat and pour into glass measuring cup with a pouring spout. Add V6 oil and essential oils, swirl gently with a toothpick. Pour back into Rose ointment jar, re-label or pour into smaller jars, label and give as gifts. Using a cotton swab, apply a small amount to nail bed and massage in, twice daily.

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Healthy Nails said...

Thanks for sharing your experience. I also believe nails are the vital part of hand so they need special care and consideration to maintain the overall beauty of the hand.