Sunday, March 1, 2009


Good morning all;I need some help please, if you can spare a moment. My daughter's Christmaskitten is sick. He won't eat, his ears are out sideways (they've done thata lot - I thought at first it was ear mites - maybe there are two issueshere) and he's been vomiting on and off. After he vomited the first night,Monday, I used Di-tone on his pads and I don't think he threw-up again thatday. Yesterday I got him to eat a bit of canned food and he seemed spunkierso I thought he was on the mend. I used on drop of Frank. on him before Iwent to bed for good measure. Last night he was vomiting again (just foamystuff) and now he won't eat again and he looks miserable. My thought was initially that he had eaten something that didn't agree withhim, or that perhaps he had an obstruction in his bowels. If either ofthose things are the case what oils should I use? Or does this sound like acommon kitten problem, or some feline disease, or what.....HELP! I feel this is a bit urgent and if your suggestions today don't workimmediately I will take him to the vet tonight.Thank you for your time everybody.MarionKinmount, ON

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