Sunday, March 1, 2009


Cats metabolize things very differently from dogs and other animals. Certain oils are potentially toxic to cats and could result in injury or even death, if applied incorrectly. for example, cats generally have adverse reactions to citrus products, and citrus oils are sometimes used to deter cats from frequenting an area. Also, cats are very sensitive to strong odors. A safe alternative, when in doubt, would be to mist them lightly with floral water. Consulting with a veterinarian is a good policy before applying oils to cats for the first time. General Guidelines:
For small animals: (cats and small dogs) Apply 3-5 drops DILUTED
(80-90%) oil mixture per application.
Di-Gize would really help his digestion, vomiting and parasite if any. Use Di-Gize in strong dilution, or just let him smell it. I have used Geranium for ear mites. You can feel little bumps all over the ear if they are there. Its the mites and eggs. Dilute and add one drop of
geranium then rub it on your fingers and massage over the ear making
sure of not getting it inside the eardrum.

The wolfberries would be good for her in her food.

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