Sunday, March 1, 2009


Hi Marion,I understand your panic state. You don't want anything happening to yourdaughter's Christmas gift. It is most likely his stomach trying to adjust to the change of food along with him being sick or he may have some worms,it's hard to tell without examining the kitten first. So I have to try the good old hit-n-miss technique and go from your responses after that. How long have you had the kitten and what are you feeding him? I would also like to know your kitty's name because I like referring to animals by their name. More personal, I feel.Cats often vomit 2 things, bile and hairballs mixed with food. It canreally be frustrating for people and I see this a great deal. Di-tone(Di-gize) is the best thing for the precious baby. I would suggest, also,tipping his ears with a mixture of purification oil and V6 oil. This will take care of the ear problem over time. You can also take a Qtip and gentlyclean out his ears and I usually will then follow it up with a Qtip with adiluted purification mix (1 drop purification to 5 drops of V6 or othercarrier oil) and swipe the inside of the ear. Be sure not to drop the oil directly in the ears, but apply it with a Qtip instead. That will kill the mites or the infection and you should see progress in a few days. Do this 2times a day. Now for the Di-gize; dilute 1 drop of Di-gize to 5 drops of V6and apply this to his anus and genital area that way when he licks himself he will get the benefits of the oil internally. This will eliminate the vomiting and also deworm him at the same time. Di-gize is wonderful for stomach problems as well as the digestive tract, urinary tract, and the intestinal tract.Give this a try and see what happens. My cats get Di-gize mixed in their food daily as well as BYJ or NRJ whichever I have on hand at the time. I really hopes this helps and if you have any questions, comments or concerns feel free to email me. I am leaving the house right now, but will be backin a few hours. Please keep me posted. Thank you.
Leigh Foster"
Many Blessings, Rev. Leigh Ann Foster, VT, CVA, Certified Animal Behavior Specialist,Independent Young Living Oils Distributor # 778381, Professional AnimalRescue and Rehabilitator, Holistic Animal Care Specialist and Educator - my chat group on yahoo.

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