Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I got my kitten on Christmas eve a few years ago at age 5 months, along with her brother. She came to me with her name intact, it was Angel and it fit her to the T.

But we had an incident a couple of years ago where she developed a lethal allergy. I noticed she was scratching the fur off of her head, right above her eye brow and the side of her head under her ear, until she was bleeding. I went to a naturopathic vet who had me keep her in one of those large cone collars so she would stop scratching.

At first she was surprisingly good natured about the cone. She actually seemed to enjoy entertaining others by making us laugh with how silly she looked into it. She adored people and I was surprised she had managed to even turn these lemons into lemonade. It just this special cat's nature. But no matter how frequently I went to the vet and tried every salve, cream, holistic injections, infusions..nothing was working. Nothing.And I was getting nickel and dimed to death.

Angel was getting miserable and was getting worse.The moment I would take the collar off, she was scratching as hard as she could, non stop. She would scratch til she bled and I was forced to put the collar back on. After almost 4 weeks it was clear she was at the end of her rope (and I was getting close to mine ) Angel had given up. She was suddenly losing weight rapidly, she acted very depressed because of the cone making her life one where she couldn't play and interact with her brother, she couldn't do anything but lay there, it was quite hindering and I could tell, Angel was truly beginning to die.

She was clearly losing hope, this beautiful long haired calico who had brought hope to so many with her extremely loving and playful energy and personality. I called a specialist who wanted me to start giving her injections for the rest of her life, about every 6 weeks. At hundreds of dollars a shot, each time. Plus keep in mind, the holistic vet had told me she would have the allergies for the rest of her life, he told me that many times.

My instincts had been screaming at me to use the essential oils. It was one of those times I had momentarily taken off her cone collar and truthfully, I was as desperate as she was, it must been misery to itch so violently and have this cone on your head that won't even let you scratch it. As pet owners yourself, you know it is misery for you to watch your beloved fur children and companions suffer.

I grabbed for a bottle of what I thought was lavender, that was my first instinct, to put on her and put it on a q-tip and dabbed the spot on her scalp that was rubbed hairless and bleeding again. To my shock and amazement..........she slowed down her scratching and then within about 30 seconds simply .........stopped scratching. It was the FIRST time in 4 weeks.

Needless to say, it wasn't lavender I had grabbed but it was Valour! And it was the right oil. I dotted just a little bit on q-tip and dabbed it on the spot on her head and under her ear. She would lick then rub the furry side of her paw to her head to clean it off the oil, thus ingesting it internally as well.

Within 2 days I was able to start letting her out of her cone collar for a few hours at at time several times a day, and within a week could leave it off overnight and within 2 weeks I just just dabbing it on as maintenance once every other day. She was out of her collar full time by that time.

All of her hair grew back, she put her weight back on, she was bubbly again and to this day, she has never had another allergy. since. The holistic vet had made a mantra out of telling me she would have this til the end of her life. I know Angel would have died without the this intervention and it would have been an uncomfortable drawn out death. And there was no way I could afford the ultra ultra expensive injections and smathering of blood tests every 6 weeks.

My Angel got her own miracle thanks to the essential oils!

Kathi McKnight

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