Tuesday, August 25, 2009

nasty rash on face and ear

I'm very new to the oils but the results I'm getting with them are nothing short of amazing! A week ago I suddenly developed a nasty rash on my face that was hot, dry and very itchy but very sensitive as well. My right ear was leaking serum from where it joins my head and both ears were inflamed, red and scaly. I was a mess. None of the creams or oils worked for very long. I put lavender, dry skin beauty serum both straight and mixed in with my moisturizer, V6 etc on it which would help relieve the itch for a while but it would flare up again within a few hours. I didn't know if they were helping, or helping to make it worse as it deteriorated over the week. By this stage my skin was inflamed, thickened, red, itchy and the skin was flaking. It definitely looked like badly cared for leather. Not a good look for someone trying to promote the oils by example! The thing is I couldn't figure out what had triggered this in the first place, nor thereafter. Although I have my suspicions it may have been a 'clean out' from the 5 day cleanse I did. I'm thinking that my body was well enough to be able to throw off toxins through my skin but did it have to be my face and neck? I don't normally get eczema so this whole experience was very unusual for me. I figure the hot, dry and windy weather we've had this week hasn't helped, either! I was lucky enough to get Rose oil recently and today I finally searched the site to see what uses it has. I saw one testimonial where it had been used for a skin disorder so I thought 'Why not', ONE DROP of rose oil was enough to spread over my face, ears and neck. Within SECONDS the itch had stopped, the skin no longer looked leathery and the peeling skin disappeared! Encouraged - well, ecstatic, really - I put some beauty serum for dry skin on as well. It's now a couple of hours later and no more itch, redness, inflammation or peeling! My skin no longer looks like elephant skin. Someone else on this site described rose oil as better than gold and I fully agree! Michelle Plen

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