Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Horse leg laceration

We have a colt that got into a wire fence, and cut her hind leg down to the bone and tendon, and ripped all the flesh and hide off the leg from fighting to get out of the fence, which she did, causing all that damage.

We put Peace & Calming on her, to calm her when we caught her, so we could doctor her and see how bad it was. I have never seen a colt that had not had a halter on before that didn't fight after we caught her.
Peace & Calming did a great job. We laid her down, and she just laid there and let us work on her without even a struggle in trying to get up. Our neighbor who is a rancher, and has worked with animals all his life, said we should put her down as she would never grow the flesh or skin back, let alone any hair, and would always be lame.. My daughter called the vet, and she said the same thing. Even my husband thought so, too, that there wasn't any chance in saving her leg without her being lame and in pain all the time..

I said no, let's give her a chance, because we had another horse that fallen through a cattle guard and had lost all the hide and meat down to the shin bone off, and that all healed back. You can not see where it had happened now.

So we set out cleaning it up by washing it out with the Thieves Cleaner because it was really dirty. ( A cap full in a gallon of water). Then we use applied Ortho Sport all over the area, inside and out. (Ortho Sport has great antibacterial, and anti-viral properties). It helps to combat the damaging effect that had been done. Thieves around the outside of the wound, Melrose inside the wound. Then the AnimalScent Ointment on top of the wound and wrapped the leg. It had cut about a good 5" to 6" long strip off the back of her leg. Again the neighbor and vet thought that she would be lame the rest of her life (IF SHE EVER HEALED). They said that with the tendon exposed it would dry up and shrink causing her to be lame.

Well, to make a long story short, she recovered, and all hair has grown back except right at the top, which is hard to see where the scar begins. The neighbor was so surprised that the flesh grew back over the tendon, and new skin, along with the hair. It took a long time, but we never gave up using the oils and Othro Sport and AnimalScent Ointment. With every bandage change you could see it healing, which saved her life.

Here are the pictures. I did not get pictures taken when it first happened because I did not have my camera, but later when the flesh had filled in and covered the bone and the tendon. However, it shows how bad the wound was.

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