Friday, August 14, 2009

blood clot

My name is Mr. Davell Lloyd. I am a pastor of a small flock in Sharon, TN. Since I've been a pastor I've been encouraged to be an example spiritually and health wise. I encourage the congregation to daily get out and do some physical exercise.

One day my barber and I chose to play racquetball. As I was going for the ball I twisted my right ankle, and simultaneously I pulled my left calf muscle. The pain was so excruciating that I just laid there. Eventually I gathered enough strength to get up. I'm a strong person so I didn't worry much about it. I figured it would be okay after a while. After a period of a few days my legs didn't get better, especially my left leg and due to increasing pain and a lack of healing I decided to get them checked out.

I visited various specialty clinics and they ran tests on my bones, ligaments, and muscles. A physical therapist informed me that I shouldn't put a lot of stress on my left leg, and if I did, it could possibly form blood clots. He recommended using a wheelchair for a while to help ease the strain in my leg. As a result of this counsel a wheelchair became my strength.

It seemingly started to get better. I progressed from the wheelchair to crutches, and next I began to use the cane. I was so excited about the progress my leg began to make. I drove the entire way on a (4) four-hour trip to Alabama with my wife...without stretching my leg. This strain caused the situation to take an unexpected turn. The next day a pain struck me in my left leg so severe, that I couldn't begin to explain it.

My wife took me to the hospital to get an ultra sound, and that's when my fears became a reality. They found blood clots in my left calf muscle, and a knot behind my knee. My whole foot was twisted, and I couldn't walk on it or comfortably sit it on the ground. The doctor wanted to prescribe Warfarin (Coumadin). I researched this prescription drug, and to my surprise it was also used in rat poisoning.

For the past six years I have been an advocate of natural healing, herbs, and prayer. After hearing the horror stories from the doctor I didn't really know what to do. The stories were terrifying, and they were somewhat of a mental torment. This situation reminded me of a close relative in Chicago, IL, who was suffering with severe blood clots. It was so bad she had to have stents put in for her blood to filter through wherever there was a low blood supply.

I was frightened by what could happen to me. I received so much pressure from my family and the doctors. As a pastor, I wanted to be an encouraging example of divine healing. I wanted the powerful testimony of God healing me. This triggered my enthusiasm in seeking God for a divine answer for my healing. With the help of God, I made the decision to take the natural route instead of using the deadly prescription drug that the doctor recommended.

A young lady in my congregation asked me a question that was unknowingly the beginnings to greater health. She asked, " Have you ever heard of essential oils?" I told her that I'd heard of them, and at that time one of my children had a condition in his body. He would break out with parasites on his stomach. He even stated once that he could feel them. I ordered supplements, one called PARAFREE for the removal of parasites and another one called DI-GIZE. After my son started taking these supplements, amazingly the parasites went away.

I found out she was a Young Living distributor. She handed me packets containing information about the oils and other supplements that the company had to offer. She suggested I consider using these essential oils. While fervently praying and looking for a divine answer, God led me to a scripture that stated " if thou criest after knowledge and liftest up thy voice for understanding; if thou seekest her as silver, and searchest for her as for hidden treasures; then shalt thou understand the fear of the Lord, and find the knowledge of God."
(Proverbs 2:3-5)

It wasn't long after I read these verses that I began reading the Young Living packets. I was really impressed with what I read about the NINGXIA RED JUICE, and I soon ordered my own portion of it through this young lady. When the juice was delivered to my home I received a compact disc (CD) with it. When I began to listen to this CD the testimony of Dr. Gary Young immediately drew my ears to a familiar sound. I could empathize with the descriptions he gave of suffering from blood clots and pains in his leg.

I was so shocked that I began to cry and thank God for showing me a way of escape! I ordered the same oils Dr. Young used. These oils were HELICHRYSUM and CISTUS. When I received them I began to apply them 6-7 times daily to my leg and I also put them in capsules and took them 2-3 times daily and started exercising my leg slowly to regain strength.

It has been six months since this horrifying incident took place. Now both of my feet are comfortable and steady as I walk without the pain. Not only am I out of the wheel chair, but I have put down my crutches and my cane for good. I started lifting weights with my left leg to revitalize the depleted calf muscle. I initially began lifting 50 lbs., but I have increased my lifting to 375 lbs. I am also amazingly running 2-3 miles daily.

The thing that is the most amazing to me is what happened when I called my upline to tell her how Dr. Young's testimony of recovering from his injury inspired me. She mistakenly thought I was referring to one of the other life threatening injuries he's had. I said, "No, the injury dealing with his blood clots, the one described on the CD I receive upon my order of NingXa Red juice". She asked me in a puzzled manner, " how did you get that CD when you haven't signed up for the business yet? " She explained to me that this was a training CD for inspiring Young Living distributors.

I don't believe in coincidence. I know that God and his mighty powers ordered it up so I could receive that CD. The Lord gave wisdom to someone so I could find out about the power of pure therapeutic grade essential oils. I just want to thank Dr. Young and Young Living for being a part of my life, and especially a part of my recovery. Thank You!
~Davell Lloyd~

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