Friday, August 14, 2009

Rotator cuff

I had a problem with my rotator cuff 13 years ago. The oils helped some but I was discouraged. One day I cornered Gary Young and asked him what I could do. He said, "there are products to help you and your challenge is to study and figure it out.''I took him at his word and started to study and experiment with other products that I had not used. Back then we did not have much to 'really' study, so we experimented.I found what helped me:I rubbed Valor over my shoulder.....followed by Clove. I did this several times a day. I added Sulfurzyme and used it faithfully everyday. 3 teaspoons spaced through out the day. Today I have no pain, and I can raise my arm with no distress or discomfort. In fact, I attribute Sulfurzyme a 'Magic Bullet' product for joint pain. Today I have added BLM, too.My suggestion is for all of us to keep experimenting and trying new products. Remember our body chemistries are all different.Respectfully,Shauna Dastrup

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