Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Peace and Calming

Testimony using Peace and Calming to bring a groundhog out of shock:
We just had an experience yesterday with a groundhog in the backyard. We have a lab/border collie; her name is Sweetie. She's medium size, just over one year old, and we also have a little terrier in the backyard, a dog we "babysit" for a friend. She is 10 years old, so not so active. But they caught a groundhog in the yard and they were both after it. We ran out to see what the commotion was, and as we got out there, the groundhog was stuck between them not moving, but defending itself. Sweetie looked around saw us, and then probably wanting to show off to us (she's only ever come in contact with a little bird that she attacked once but nothing this big!) so she pounced on it, grabbed it by it's back and shook it like a rag doll and then dropped it again a few feet away, but standing over it.
My son, Reuben, who is 7, was worried about the groundhog and wasn't about to stand by while she killed it, and wanted to get Sweetie off of it. We distracted Sweetie, got her inside, and the little terrier ran off immediately. Reuben went closer to take a look at the groundhog to see the damage. It was lying there on its back, breathing and obviously in shock. There were no signs of blood, but we couldn't tell if there was any internal damage to the animal, or if it was just in shock.
I got Reuben to run inside to get the Peace and Calming, because it's heart was right there in front of us, with a racing beat. I dropped 2 drops (tried to do one but 2 came out!) directly on it's heart, and talked to the animal, and told it we only wanted to help, and everything was going to be okay. At first it couldn't move its head. My other son had come out and was standing one side of it, and Reuben and I were standing the other side. It suddenly turned its head and looked at Sam, then turned it's head to look at us. You could visibly see within 1 minute it had calmed down, come out of shock, and that's when it looked at us all.

Then I told Reuben to run inside and grab the camera. He was only gone 30 seconds. By that time the groundhog had flipped over onto it's feet, but was still standing there. Just as I took a pic of the groundhog sitting there, it ran off down the side of the fence, found an opening and out it went! It was fine, it had just been in shock and couldn't move.
The kids were happy that they had helped the animal, and helped it recover enough to go on its way, and saved it from being killed. It was a very intense few minutes. The groundhog recovered almost immediately, thanks to Peace and Calming. Karyn Fisher

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