Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Ten yr old Duncan!!! He has ALWAYS joined whoever has been sick, and all his asthma problems are soon to follow. Why didn't we come to you 5 yrs ago??? A couple of months ago, using Ravensara, he was 80% over his asthma except when he'd get allergies or a cold and then we were forced to rely again on his asthma prescriptions. After going to you finally, you explained to HIM how important for him it is to stay away from the dairy and sugar and we put him on Inner Defense to keep him from getting sick, and that was almost two months ago and in his TEN YEARS, he has NEVER gone this long without sickness and asthma problems during the winter months. I thought it was awfully bold of you to tell him if he'd do what you told him to do, that by April it'd probably be the last of the asthma he EVER has for the rest of his life. But these oils have taught me to EXPECT the miracle, and I can't BELIEVE this, but it looks like he's over his asthma forever. We will continue staying away from dairy and sugar, and continue Inner Defense. These oils have SAVED us so much money on prescriptions! MF

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