Saturday, June 6, 2009

grampa kidney failure

My grandfather has been quite ill for some time now. He has Alzheimer's and then we found out his kidneys are only functioning at 22%. So, I've been applying oils for his kidney's (juniper, ledum, lemon grass and Release) for a few weeks. He fell and hurt his hip at home and eventually ended up in a nursing home to get back on his feet. What a joke. I walked in to visit and annoint him with oils. I found him in the common area. I was HORRIFIED by what I saw. His skin was ashy gray in color and his head was slumped on his chest. He wouldn't lift it when spoken to. I got him back to his room and had him lie down on the bed. I removed his shoes and socks and applied those four oils to the bottom of his feet. Within ten minutes the color came back to his face and he was alert and talking. My Mother and Aunt both were there and saw it. They were both impressed. The nursing home kicked my Grandfather out after his insurance ran out. This was a blessing for sure. He had Alhziemer's going in but when he came out, just two weeks later, he couldn't put a sentence together. He was nowhere near that bad. Coming out of there he was wearing diapers, which he wasn't when he went in there. He also got a bad case of pneumonia as well. Of course had to pay thousands of dollars for this top notch care too. When he got home I rubbed RC blend on his chest and three days later his pneumonia was gone! His kidney's were functioning at only 22%. He was one step away from going on dialysis. After annointing him with the oils for his kidney's (ledum, juniper, lemongrass and Release) three days a week for three months his kidney's are finally getting better! He's also been on the NigXia Red and the K & B tincture which I know have helped too. I live 45 minutes away from him so three days a week was about all that I could manage. I know if my family would listen to me and quit feeding him junk like glazed doughnuts and soda he would be getting better even faster. Unfortunately I don't have control over that. Rachel Lipovec

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