Saturday, June 6, 2009

kidney stone pain

Author: Sherlene Turner Country: AustraliaPosted: 2009-04-20
Four weeks ago it looked like our male guinea pig had kidney or bladder stones because he would squeak in obvious pain when trying to wee. His wee looked like small amounts of white liquid with chalky-type sediment. We checked on the internet and with guinea pig breeders and were told that these are signes of kidney/bladder stones and that it needs immediate veterinarian intervention. Due to just having taken two other animals to the vet and trying to recover from the huge vet bills, we didn't take him to the vet to confirm the stones but we did consult the Essential Oils Desk Reference. We put lemon oil on the guinea pig's tummy and there was never any more squeaking. The sad part is though that we didn't dilute the oil enough for him and it burnt his tummy a little bit, but we didn't know until after it scabbed over as he didn't squeak about that pain. Anyway, we've learned two things: according to Gary Young, Frankincense and Lemon oils combined rapidly dissolved his own kidney stones (and stopped his pain), but the guinea pig's stones seems to have dissolved with just lemon oil; and essential oils need to be diluted for topical use with guinea pigs. I guess that means that we used our guinea pig as a guinea pig to test essential oils! It's been 4 weeks and the guinea pigs urine is now clear and he does not squeak with pain when he does his wees. We can't prove the oils helped him to get over whatever problem he had, but it might be worth trying if your guinea pigs is in pain with kidney stones.

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