Saturday, June 6, 2009

kidney stone pain

Jessica Wild, the author and moderator of the Wild Harvest Yahoo! group, in response to a group member's question about her husband either flushing a kidney stone or relieving the pain associated with it. Jessica suggests a combination of 10 drops of pure Frankincense and 10 drops of pure Lemon essential oil in a capsule, taken every four hours. The beautiful aromatic essential oil of Frankincense is obtained by distilling the bark of the Frankincense tree that grows in Somalia, Saudi Arabia, Ethiopia and China. You will likely be familiar with the reference to Frankincense from the gifts that the Magi brought to the Christ Child, immortalized in the Christmas carol "We Three Kings" (as an aside, there is nothing in the Bible to indicate how many kings, or wise men, actually visited the Christ Child in his birth cave/stable). Along with Myrrh and Gold, it was considered a very precious commodity of the time... in fact, an essential part of any wealthy family's 'medicine cabinet', if you will pardon the pun. Frankincense was used as a cleanser and a balm for wounds, to quell fevers, fight coughs and colds, soothe bronchitis, clear laryngitis, calm the stressed, and embalm the dead. Frankincense was a birth-to-death agent.Pure, unadulterated Frankincense essential oil still works. It makes perfect sense as a purifying, calming additive in a capsule to help with kidney stones.

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