Thursday, December 18, 2008


Well, there by square feet millions of microbes that like to grow in humidified environment of the air in the flight cabins, and it is recirculated over and overand. Theunfriendly microbes can take advantage of our stress filledbodies where some immunities may be lowered. It is not uncommonfor people to develop upper and lower respiratory tractinfections after flying. One of my airplane routines for the past 6 trips has been to us therapeutic essential oils. I use Purification, Raven or RC and apply it to a tissue and stick in in my pocket. I take it out now and again and give it a good smell. Doing so allow the antimicrobialactivity of the essential oil to line my nasal passages andprevent the entrance of unwanted microbes into my respiratorytract.
The last trip to Argintina I was the only guy, of 12, who didn't come back sick. John

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