Wednesday, December 17, 2008


She used Frankincense, Lavender, Myrrh and Geranium and followed the vaginal retention protocol in the EDR book. She used V-6 oil instead of Massage Oil base and hadto add more V-6 oil at first because the blend was toostrong. She also recommends sterilizing whatever isused to insert the oils. She used a plastic syringethat is normally used to give babies medicine, andthen inserted a tampon to hold the oils in. Sheinserted the oils every night for a week and then usedthe oils two or three times per week. It took fourmonths for her doctor to declare her "clear" fromcancer.She used:15 drops frankincense5 drops myrrh 6 drops geranium6 drops lavender1/2 oz Massage Oil BaseOh, yes - diet is crucial. She ate no red meat,poultry, fish, dairy or filler foods like rice, pasta, breads. She ate as many
fruits and vegetables as she wanted, seasoning them with a few spices and freshlemon to replace salt. She drank only purified or spring water (not distilled.)
She also made fresh fruit and vegetable juice.When we first talked about how she would approach heroil protocol, I told her that if I were in her shoes,I would give my body the chance to heal itself by onlyeating foods that would give more than they took andwere worthy of the energy that it takes to digest.In addition to changing her diet, she began to walkfor exercise, slowly at first as her energy came back, working up to three miles a day. She also threw away her regular personal careproducts, and began using our dentarome toothpaste andV-6 as a body lotion.Two other things she shared with me. When she walkedfor exercise with her husband each day, she realizedthat she smelled like frankincense and the other oils.So much so that she was able to stop wearing deodorant(we think her diet helped with this as well.)Her stretch-marks from childbirth have closed up aswell. She said that the stretch-marks had been itching,just like they were when she first got them, but shedidn't pay much attention until her husband noticedthat they were knitting back together!

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