Saturday, December 13, 2008

surgery for fibroid

On October 21, 2008 I was diagnosed with malignant cancer the size of a golf ball at the end of my right colon. This was based on three biopsies taken during a full length colonoscopy, all malignant and the size of the tumor confirmed by a cat scan.
My doctor was emphatic that I should have the cancer removed immediately before it grew through the colon wall and got into the lymph system and spread. I wanted to monitor it for awhile but he, my family and friends all insisted it be removed immediately. I reluctantly relented and agreed to have the surgery.
Having survived a stage 4 melanoma and given 4 months to live in 1985 I knew what to do. I immediately went into a severe body cleanse and detoxification protocol, life style change, used a frequency machine extensively, poured on therapeutic grade essential oils known to benefit people with cancer and fungal infections and got my body and immune system as strong as possible. As time passed I could feel the tumor getting smaller but could not convince anyone else of that fact.
The surgery was performed late afternoon Thursday November 13th. Following the surgery the surgeon informed me that the surgery went well and the size of the tumor was the size of the dime. My bowels showed signs of starting to work Saturday night, they started me on regular meals Sunday morning and was released me from the hospital at 1 pm on Monday Nov 17th.
On Wednesday stomach cramps started. The Dr said I had a partial blockage and I went back on a soup and liquid diet, was semi sick, had no energy, could not accomplish anything and at night would throw up everything I had drank all day long. After a week of that agony and misery, getting very weak and losing weight I was placed in the hospital over Thanksgiving being fed by an IV and stomach pump and quarantined because I had MRSA staph infection in my incision. Anybody coming into my room had to first put on special wrap and gear.
I was sent home on a liquid diet and have gradually introducing very soft foods. So far there has been no more weight loss or actual cramping or throwing up but have a constant feeling of being on the verge. Pure misery.
Yesterday, December 9th, during my follow-up appointment with my surgeon he read the pathology report to me. The small tumor in the right half of my colon that he had removed from me was BENIGN!!!!!!! There was NO cancer!!!!!
I was fit to be tied! Why had I allowed myself to be duped and panicked into allowing them to do this to me and expose me to all the misery and complications that developed plus the possibility of blood clots and pneumonia? I could have used the oils and saved myself from having the surgery. I encourage you to think about doing your surgery Elaine

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