Wednesday, December 17, 2008


I have used this wonderful oil for many things. Over my mothers cancerous toe, her curving spine, on my fathers MS problems, my husbands moles,
my puppy's sores on his leg when he couldn't walk. And the one time I
really remember using this special oil ... I was very stressed out with
our move, things weren't going that great and I felt I was going to explode
as I had NO CONTROL over the things going on in my life since I had
hired outside help. I had screamed and my rage was so bad, that I walked
into the bedroom and I just picked up the bottle of Frankincense and began
pouring it over my head. 6 drops from the forehead to the back of my head.
I remember listening to one of Gary's tapes, which said, "sometimes its
NOT where you put the oils, just get them on you." And this is what I did.
I sat down, drank some water and took about 10 deep breathes and I was
TOTALLY relaxed. I think the moving truck could have run over me and I wouldn't have cared at that point. THANK YOU GOD for the wonderful gift of Frankincense, and thank
you YL for making the great oil.Blessings to you!Lisa

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