Wednesday, December 17, 2008

uterine cancer

I was diagnosed with cancer of the uterus in August2003. I had two surgeries in September and November 2003.I made the decision not to have chemotherapy orradiation because of what I saw several of my family
members go through. I was experiencing excruciating pain
and I had no energy. It was hard for me to fall asleep and hard
to wake up. One day I prayed to God for help in overcoming
the cancer and the pain. That night, I had a dreamand when I woke up, I could not remember anythingabout the dream except the words "Frankincense and Myrrh".For the next two days, my husband and I drove aroundtrying to find Frankincense and Myrrh. We were able to findFrankincense incense but nothing more.My son worked with Kimberly and he told her about whatwas going on with my health, and she asked if she could
call and tell me about the oils. When Kimberly spoke with
me about using the oils, she said that two of the oils I would
be using included Frankincense and Myrrh, and I knew that
they were god sent and it was like clockwork.I began using the Young Living Oils in early December2003. In addition to using the oils, I stopped eating meat,dairy products and processed foods. I eat a lot of fruits and
vegetablesand drink lots of water - no sodas or teas, just water.
I use only olive oil to prepare my food.Once I started with the oils I began feeling thiswarming sensation that soothed me. A few days later, I felt
a pulsing vibration in my womb area that I had never felt
before. I had been suffering from a terrible pain that felt like
I was being stabbed across my pelvis, down to my mid-thigh
region. Any kind of bending down or forward would trigger it.
After two weeks of using the oils, that pain was gone and has
not returned since.In January 2004, I went to my doctor to have tests done to
see what was happening with the cancer. The doctor used
a scope to see if the cancer was progressing. Usually this
procedure was very painful but during this visit - I was pain-
free. Normally it takes one week for the test results to come
back but this time it took two weeks. When I went in to
discuss the test results with my doctor, he told me that the
cancer cells were all gone.I went in for a doctor's appointment in late March. After thatexamination, my doctor told me that I was clear of cancer
and said that he would not have to see me again until next
year for my regular check-up. I feel blessed because this whole situation reaffirmedto me that God answers prayers. All of the things that were
used in the biblical times are still here for us, we just have
to trust and believe that God has provided them for our use.
Yes, modern medicine is good and it serves a purpose but it's
not the answer in all cases. These plants and herbs that these
oils come from were here long before modern medicine came
on the scene, and I believe that they are here for a reason.Side note: I went to the dentist to have a filling replaced. Afterthat visit, my gums became tight and full of blood. A week later my gums were still bleeding. I went back to the dentistto find out what the problem was. They had no idea but gave
me a mouthwash that did not help at all. I shared this with
Kimberly, and she that she would try the Myrrh oil. The
bleeding and the tightness in the gums stopped the next
day after I put the Myrrh oil on my gums. My children even
said that my gums were the pinkest they had ever seenthem.Felice

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