Wednesday, December 17, 2008


In my chiropractic practice, I have used Frankincense for warts and
skin keratoses. A ten year old girl showed me a wart on the heel of
her hand that was raised and approximately a quarter of an inch in
diameter. We applied one drop of Frankincense. When she came in
the office a week later, the wart had turned black. We applied another
drop of Frankincense and when she returned the next week, the wart
was gone. Another little boy showed me a small plantar wart on the
ball of his left foot. We applied a drop of Frankincense and when he
came in several weeks later, the wart had disappeared. Many essential
oils have antimicrobial properties and warts are thought to be caused
by a virus. I had a small, rough patch on my chest that looked like a keratosis and
possibly a precancerous lesion. After several applications of Frankincense,
it disappeared and has not returned. Research has demonstrated the skin
healing properties of Frankincense. Reportedly, it has the ability to heal
damaged DNA. Dr. Lisa Moore

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