Wednesday, December 17, 2008


I just got back from an appointment with a behavioral optometrist, who isan eye care professional who believes that vision can be healed, or at least improved, in many cases. My prescription is so strong that I am weaning off my glasses with weaker prescriptions. I am also using Frankincense, and many other oils.. A big part of behavioral optometry is relaxation of the eye through breathing and other exercises: recognition that the eyeball is a flexible organ that changes shape as we look far or near. A fixed focal point prescription lens contributes to rigidity, and causes deterioration and strain. To get to YLEO, relaxation and breathing equals MORE OXYGEN!
That's whatEOs contribute! Also Vision takes place in the brain, not the eye itself,
sothat is were Frankincense and other high sesquiterpene oils play a part.
Also why consistent use of many oils may have the side effect of improving vision.
Belief and choice for each of us also plays a role. The man who wrote the Book on healing vision is Dr. Jacob Lieberman, title: Take off your Glasses and See. The book has an index of eye care professionals, and behavioral optometrists listed by state. I am excited to go to an eye doctor who is telling me I can turn back the clock on my eyes. My eyes can get "younger", at least as regards vision... It is a gradual process, and I am writing this so that I can share with you how
behavioral optometry, YLEO, and my inner vision will recreate my sight. Stay tuned! Blessings, Carla Sanders

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