Wednesday, December 17, 2008


I have an exciting testimony to share with you. I had my eyes examined today and
the great news is that my eye are almost perfect. If I wanted I could have gotten a
very low prescription lens, but he said I really didn't need it.

Now here's the kicker. When I got my glasses the first time, around 10 years ago,
I had to have bifocals and they were a pretty strong prescription. I also had stigmatism,
which I no longer have any more or need bifocals because I can see clear, near and far
without everything being a blur.

I credit it to using Frankincense and the Wolfberry Eye Cream and of course the NingXia Red.
I told you some day I would throw away my glasses and that day has come.

I would rub Frankincense around my eyes making sure not to get it in the eyes.
When I would do that, that day the blurriness would be less and less until I didn't have it.
Also I would add the Wolfberry Eye Cream on top. I didn't do this every day, if I had
maybe I could have thrown the glasses away sooner.

Even my husbands eyes were better. He hasn't been using the frankincense as much as
I have but he is going to now. Because of instead of deteriorating they had stayed the same,
so he knows that what little he has used is helping him too.

Thank God for these wonderful oils that God has given us and thank you Gary for bringing them
about and teaching us how to use them and to know that only pure therapeutic grade oils will work.

Forever grateful, Nancy Sanderson

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